Choosing the Right Golf Shirts

Golf is a sport which requires the golfers to be well dressed. Many golf clubs and golf courses have strict dress codes that must be followed. In putting on golf shirts, one should feel comfortable and light. Shirts should never cause discomfort as this may affect the game.

Clothes help push players to perform at their best. Looking and feeling good can boost a player’s confidence. Therefore, it can raise the standard of play.

There are several factors to consider when shopping for a golf shirt. Size and fit are the two most important factors as they affect how the shirt fits on the body and how comfortable it will be to wear.


Most shirts are sized the same as any casual shirt – in small, medium, large, etc. For the higher-end brands, suit sizing is based on the chest measurement. Better consult the sizing table of each brand because a medium in one brand can be large in another.


A shirt that is too large produces a sloppy look that is unattractive especially on players. Choosing a size that nicely complements the shape of the body is very important. The wearer should be able to move freely and comfortably.

The classic fit is ideal for players who are not in the best shape. It comes with lower armholes, having sleeves that almost reach the elbow. This fit also offer a very relaxed drape over the torso with a longer back hem that can be tucked into pants or shorts.

Slim fits are great for a guy or golfer with athletic shape. These golf shirts have the tightest fit throughout the torso and sleeves. These also come with shorter front and back hems, which allow them to be worn untucked.

Custom fit is right between the classic and slim fit golf shirts. It has higher arm holes with shorter sleeve lengths. It also has a tighter fit on the torso and slightly shorter front and back hems compared to classic fit, albeit being longer than those of slim fit shirts.


Most golf shirts have short sleeves but there are golfers who also like to wear long sleeve shirts. Set-in sleeves are probably the most common sleeve variant. Many of the priciest shirts come with raglan sleeves that provide superior range of motion.

As for the end of the sleeve, there are usually three options including a basic hem, a welt cuff, and a ribbed cuff.

Nowadays, shirts come with soft, ribbed collars that usually look sloppy when the edges curl. It is advisable to choose shirt-style collars that stay in shape all the time due to interlining.

Some golf shirts have pockets and others don’t. There are also shirts with plackets. Solly placket is found on the more inexpensive shirts. It is also known as hidden placket because only one seam can be seen at the bottom.

golf shirtsUnlike solly placket, set-in placket uses more stitching on the button-hole side. On the other hand, set-on plackets are commonly used in the most expensive shirts because these require more stitching and fabric.

Normally, shirts have around two to three buttons. More expensive shirts sometimes come equipped with mother-of-pearl buttons, while the less expensive shirts come with plastic buttons.

Some people claim that only white and navy are acceptable colors, especially in games like tennis and golf. That seems to be a sign of ignorance and insecurity. Basic colors always work, and looking good with the shirt’s color can boost confidence.

The knitting used on a golf shirt is usually the pique-knit type. It has the characteristic of a three-dimensional waffle look. Pique-knitted shirts are flexible and breathable; therefore, they are recommended for even the most discerning players.

1.Fabric materials

Many players choose to wear cotton shirts. Still, it’s important to remember that there are many other fabric materials used in making shirts.


This fabric is often used for corporate shirts because blended synthetics increase durability and stain resistance at a low price. However, this type of fabric is less comfortable than cotton-made fabrics. Sometimes, this can be prone to sweating, so it’s not really advisable for active players. This may be an option for someone on low budget.


It is made with athletes in mind. Performance shirts offer odor reduction because of the silver added to the material. This type of shirt is usually made from a lightweight synthetic.


Here’s what’s good about this fabric – it doesn’t wrinkle or shrink and it is also stain-resistant. It also offers breathability to a certain extent.

IV.Pure cotton

With qualities such as wicking ability, breathability, and durability, cotton-made shirts are quite common today. However, not all cotton-made shirts are alike. Cheaper shirts use short cotton that can cause pilling; the colors may also fade after a few washes. Longer variants, of course, can last longer and will feel better on the skin. Despite that, these are still susceptible to fading, especially the ones in darker colors.


Price can determine the shirt’s quality. Practically, going for one that’s from a high profile brand is the safest way to meet expectations in terms of quality.

Four Uses of Portable Storage Containers for Your Home

Portable Storage containersIf you are wondering why people in your neighborhood are having portable storage containers delivered to their doorsteps, here are the four common reasons why home owners are turning to these movable cubicles for their many personal needs:

Moving to a New Home

Portable storage containers are far more economical choices when transferring residences. In fact, they may be your only choice when you are moving abroad. The great thing with storage containers is that they come in varying sizes, so you can avoid the flat rates charged by moving companies for their moving vans. If you have few items to move, then settle for the 20-ft container and save yourself some money. They are easier and safer to load, plus they will keep your belongings secure with their lock systems.

Putting Your House on the Market

When you are selling your home, you have to ensure that your house will be most attractive to potential buyers. If it is cluttered with all the stuff that you accumulated through the years, it will look small and less pleasing to the eyes. Too much furniture will also hinder you from showing off the great areas of the home. Therefore, remove all those boxes of books and magazines that are lying around, as well as that unused baby crib or desk that is just collecting dust. You can place them all temporarily in portable storage containers to make your home ready for viewing. Once the house is sold, you can use the same containers in moving your things to your new place.

Extra Storage Space

Nowadays, small families opt to own small homes because they cannot afford the price of larger properties. However, through the years, it is unavoidable for even a family of four not to collect a wide array of personal items, especially if one member is a hoarder. Soon enough, you will see stacks of boxes or plastic crates on a corner filled with toys, books, magazines, shoes, or clothes. They will occupy your little space until your home becomes crowded and uncomfortable to live in.

With no attic or basement, you really are left no choice but fill your living room or bedrooms with these items. However, if you have an extra unused space in your lot, you may find that another solution is available for you and that is by using portable storage containers. These containers can be rented out or bought, depending on how long you intend to use them. Just place them in your backyard and they can serve as instant storage spaces for the items that you seldom use.

Additional Room

Has a grandparent decided to move in with you? Or maybe, your teenager son has been complaining that he can no longer share a room with his younger brother? Times like these, the best solution would be to have another room built in your property. However, with the cost of construction materials and the labor, not every homeowner can readily jump on this solution. Here is a good alternative – try storage containers. You can buy a used one as long as it is still in good condition.

Have it customized by a builder by placing windows, doors, ceilings, and new floorings. Add some insulation and an air conditioning system, and voila! You now have an instant room added to your home for a much cheaper cost. Since storage containers are made of steel, they can last a number of years. In fact, some people build their homes solely from storage containers, so this is really a feasible idea. You can paint and design it to complement the main home, and you will be patting yourself on the back for a job well done.

If your neighbors are making use of storage containers for their home needs, it may be time that you do too. They are sturdy and make for excellent practical solutions for various needs.

A portable Storage containers is not only used for storing things; it can also be converted into a home office, mini-shop, construction trailer, workshop, or an extra room. You can use the portable container for a lot of things other than keeping your stuff safe and secure.

Tips for an Effective Live Chat System

communicationWhile any other websites out there can also offer live chat feature, there is always a chance that people would prefer one over the other. Therefore, to make yours stand out among the rest, you should make sure that your chat system works the best and is suitable to the needs of your visitors and customers.

Essentially, the primary goal of live chat is to provide your customers the support that they need. You should be able to assist them in different things, such as placing their orders, setting up, making and scheduling appointments, and many more. However, running a live chat involves a lot more than providing support to the people. To make your live chat work, here are some tips that you should always keep in mind.

  • You should be friendly all the time. This only means that you have to keep the positive mood as much as possible and you should not make your customers leave. When talking with your customers, try to be friendly and accommodating as much as possible. While some people may get into your nerves sometimes, you still have to keep the positive vibes. Do not snap at your customers; instead, make them feel that you are there to help them. You may also want to inject some sense of humour so that your customers won’t feel that the chat is too formal and that you’re hard to connect to.
  • Explain everything that your customers need to know. People resort to live chats simply because they need something. Perhaps, they do not understand something and they need to be enlightened about it. Therefore, as the runner of the site and the business, you have the responsibility to explain things to your customers. Make them understand things, such as placing an order or setting up appointments, so that they will not be convinced to leave your site.
  • Try to be concise as much as possible. While it is important to explain details to your customers, it is most likely that they only need an answer and not necessarily an explanation. As much as possible you have to be direct to the point and try to avoid making your answers too wordy.

For example, if a customer asks where he can find the shipping details, you can just say “It’s right below the price of the item.” You will not answer him with “To find the shipping details, you first have to search for the item that you want to order. Once the item has been shown, you have to scroll down and you will see the price of that item. Right below the price, you will then see ‘Shipping Details,’ which in turn explains everything about the shipping method for this item.”

Your customer would not want to read such a wordy answer. Chances are, before you even finish typing your answer, he has already found what he’s looking for. Or worse, he has already looked for another website that is much easier for him to navigate.

  • Make sure you type things right. You have to ensure that your grammar and spelling are correct. Your customer wouldn’t know that it’s just a typographical error that you have typed “your” instead of “you’re.” He would instantly think that you are not that good in grammar because you have mistakenly used these simple terms and you have just lost your credibility to some extent. Therefore, make sure that your grammar is correct and that you type everything right.

Avoid committing spelling errors, even though they are just typographical errors. Also, avoid typing words in all caps because that may make your customers think that you are shouting. That isn’t a good thing, is it? You have to be credible to your customers, and the way you communicate with them through the live chat will in turn affect your credibility.