Tips for an Effective Live Chat System

communicationWhile any other websites out there can also offer live chat feature, there is always a chance that people would prefer one over the other. Therefore, to make yours stand out among the rest, you should make sure that your chat system works the best and is suitable to the needs of your visitors and customers.

Essentially, the primary goal of live chat is to provide your customers the support that they need. You should be able to assist them in different things, such as placing their orders, setting up, making and scheduling appointments, and many more. However, running a live chat involves a lot more than providing support to the people. To make your live chat work, here are some tips that you should always keep in mind.

  • You should be friendly all the time. This only means that you have to keep the positive mood as much as possible and you should not make your customers leave. When talking with your customers, try to be friendly and accommodating as much as possible. While some people may get into your nerves sometimes, you still have to keep the positive vibes. Do not snap at your customers; instead, make them feel that you are there to help them. You may also want to inject some sense of humour so that your customers won’t feel that the chat is too formal and that you’re hard to connect to.
  • Explain everything that your customers need to know. People resort to live chats simply because they need something. Perhaps, they do not understand something and they need to be enlightened about it. Therefore, as the runner of the site and the business, you have the responsibility to explain things to your customers. Make them understand things, such as placing an order or setting up appointments, so that they will not be convinced to leave your site.
  • Try to be concise as much as possible. While it is important to explain details to your customers, it is most likely that they only need an answer and not necessarily an explanation. As much as possible you have to be direct to the point and try to avoid making your answers too wordy.

For example, if a customer asks where he can find the shipping details, you can just say “It’s right below the price of the item.” You will not answer him with “To find the shipping details, you first have to search for the item that you want to order. Once the item has been shown, you have to scroll down and you will see the price of that item. Right below the price, you will then see ‘Shipping Details,’ which in turn explains everything about the shipping method for this item.”

Your customer would not want to read such a wordy answer. Chances are, before you even finish typing your answer, he has already found what he’s looking for. Or worse, he has already looked for another website that is much easier for him to navigate.

  • Make sure you type things right. You have to ensure that your grammar and spelling are correct. Your customer wouldn’t know that it’s just a typographical error that you have typed “your” instead of “you’re.” He would instantly think that you are not that good in grammar because you have mistakenly used these simple terms and you have just lost your credibility to some extent. Therefore, make sure that your grammar is correct and that you type everything right.

Avoid committing spelling errors, even though they are just typographical errors. Also, avoid typing words in all caps because that may make your customers think that you are shouting. That isn’t a good thing, is it? You have to be credible to your customers, and the way you communicate with them through the live chat will in turn affect your credibility.